• joyeuses fêtes

    handmade, interiors, old things • Dec 14th, 2019

    December has brought a lot of joy already: we’ve found time for outings to London, Oxford, different parts of the Cotswolds and Somerset, guess we’re enjoying the time we’ve gained by keeping things really simple this Christmas. Decorations consist of wreaths and branches, lots of candles, some twinkly wire light garlands and I’ve dyed some habotai silk to make ribbons for the doors. There were quite a few silk mills in these parts a few hundred years ago and you can still buy unbleached silk by the metre a couple of villages away. The raw material comes from Turkey and India as it did before. I’ll show you on Instagram.
    Books are an important part of our Christmas and we’ll be reading winter poems on Christmas Eve as well as feasting of course. I’ve been collecting books for jolabokaflod as it’s called in Iceland throughout the year. Hoping to get my vin de noix labels printed this week but it won’t matter if I don’t get round to it, the wine is bottled and tastes really good, like Madeira. So there’s a few things still to do like baking a second batch of Swiss biscuits and some orange and polenta puddings but there’s no push to the finish; I love the simpler version of Christmas that’ll take me gently through to my birthday and new year.
    Tomorrow we are visiting a very special lady who’s in her nineties and tells the most amazing stories. I made her favourite cake this afternoon. Really looking forward to her wisdom after my tears over the election result. Today I feel stronger, I’m still me and I’ll carry on the same. We saw this wonderful Pierre Bonnard painting last week, now back at the Barber Institute from the exhibition at the Tate ; so intimate and quietly joyful. All the feels ….

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