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    interiors, old things, planning • Jan 4th, 2019

    If you can look into the seeds of time and see which grain will grow and which will not …

    from the Scottish play came to mind as I jotted down what worked well last year and a few things I’ve decided to leave behind; I didn’t enjoy selling on line, the P&P defeated me so I’ve closed my Etsy shop, I have lovely stockists for my honey and beeswax products and prefer to do it this way. Planning out the next few weeks with Mr D, dipping into resources like The January Book @hanbullivant and some printables from @jenlittlebirdie, have all been fun to do. So good to do together, we were buzzing with ideas for wellbeing and decluttering. A lot of tidying happened last year and really it’s just the garage that needs attention now. You pretty much forget a space like that but I was thinking it could be better used, so we braved it and went to have a look. We found a couple of things to bring back into service like an Indian rug with plenty of life in it still and a shelf unit I saved from the school skip which could work nicely in the summer house. A lot will be donated. With less room given to storage the space has potential for all kinds of activities; tricycle riding, skipping, larger makings like a screen with vintage wallpaper, macramé using the beams, exercising and more silliness. I think the rope work is further away in time, I have weaving to do first. It does feel better to have a longer list though; I like to choose.

    I have a list for you too: hashtags I’m using at the moment that you may like to explore and use if you want, they’re all small to medium sized ones so you should get your Insta photo higher up on the grid.















    Photos are from a walk this week towards Bricklehampton under Bredon Hill. Hogweed and a drainage ditch, very common in this wet part of the world.


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