• The Quiet Writing Project (WEEK ONE)

    The Quiet Writing Project • Feb 3rd, 2019

    Hello and welcome to The Quiet Writing Project. I’m so glad you landed here and feel curious enough to give the creative blues the heave-ho and start on something new. For each of the three weeks, there’ll be a story line with five prompts to get you to practise some free writing: the idea here is to write whatever comes to mind without hesitation about the words you’ve chosen.  We’re starting off with an imaginative journey with specific things to describe.

    The course is available to anyone and can be accessed via the Browse menu.

    So without further ado this is WEEK ONE

    and it’s a visualisation, a little trip into your imagination. You may find it easier if someone reads the text to you so you can focus on what comes to mind. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read through it already, the surprise element is not so important; have pen and paper to hand so you can jot things down at the end.

    <Imagine yourself walking alone in a natural landscape like woodland; you feel calm and energised by the trees around you and the path ahead of you is clear. You see a box ahead which draws you and you walk more quickly towards it. What kind of box is it? You continue walking and the trees change from one species to another. You see an animal shape ahead and feel confident to get closer. What is this animal? The animal disappears in a few moments and you continue your walk. The trees are getting thinner and there’s a clearing. Your senses tell you there is water close by and you can see it now. What is the water like? The path skirts the water’s edge for a while and then goes back into the forest. The sun is coming through the tree canopy and you feel warm and comfortable enough to sit awhile and breathe in the cleansed air. As you look at the forest floor you spy a small object wrapped like a gift. You take it into your lap and open it. You are delighted and you re-wrap it carefully and put in your pocket. What is the gift?  You continue walking and you are soon at the edge of the wood and about to leave. Look at the view ahead of you. What can you see?>

    Prompt 1 – Describe the box. What is it like, size, colour, shape, age, construction, reminds you of…, open or closed, contents?

    Prompt 2 – Describe the animal. You can include all the physical characteristics you want and move on to your feelings towards it and how you respond to each other. What does it do and what do you do?

    Prompt 3 – Describe the water. Listen to it, smell it, touch it and taste it.

    Prompt 4 – Describe the gift.  Move quickly from a physical description to your reaction to receiving this gift. Why are you so delighted with it?

    Prompt 5 – Describe the view. Are you seeing somewhere familiar or are you experiencing a place you’ve never seen before?

    I’m posting my notes to the FB page. You’ll see my description of the box there already. The link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/341415533119613/

    and I’m using a free writing method: quite simply writing the first thing that comes into my head. It’s messy but it came from my imagination and experience so is 100% me.  I’ll be adding my descriptions as the week unfolds and there’ll be a bit of an interpretative commentary by the weekend too. I’ll add that to this post on Friday evening so if you’re not on Facebook you can still read it.


    So here is an interpretation of the prompts and responses. I’ll be using my responses which I described more fully on the Facebook page. The main point of the prompts was your pieces of writing and any commentary or clairvoyance is just a little extra dimension. Please don’t take it too seriously.

    1.  The box could represent the way you see your skills and value. I described mine as ‘an out by the bins cardboard box’ so at that point maybe I was feeling discarded and a bit rubbish. Interestingly the box did have something of value and that was taken out. The bit about it being blown away might be a nod to how temporary that notion is.

    2. The animal could represent how others see you. My she-wolf gets closer to the human but still keeps her distance. She has strong female energy and is smiling, so maybe that is how others see me.

    3. The water could represent your friendships and relationships. I described a large pool that looked murky from a distance but it was clear when I got closer and I scooped up the water and poured it over me. My people make a wonderful contribution to my well being then.

    4. The gift represents a future truth for you to consider now. Mine was a printed book with my name on the spine.  Maybe I’m meant to be a writer, not a conservationist or a business woman for example.

    5. The view represents your next steps.  Do you need to go back to something familiar, I went back to a house I used to live in when my children were small, or do you need to change your setting completely?





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