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    seasonal things to do • Feb 5th, 2020

    January wasn’t so bad, lots of sunshine and a flush of enthusiasm for eating well, getting out into nature, spending less and generally having a good sort out of day to day life. We’ve turned into February but there’s no switch to flick, spring is promised but not delivered and the benefits of a new me are only just emerging. I’m feeling a slump in the afternoon so that’s when I start my journaling or go out on a purposeful outing, to see if the bees are flying or a stop at a salvage yard just in case they have the piece I’ve been looking out for.  I love it when the sale is actually a new idea; it then becomes an audio note on CocoonWeaver, for me to review later. It’s just an app but it helps organise thoughts in a very free and easy way.

    Maybe you’re doing a lot of decluttering at this point in the year, we all have a glory hole somewhere, ours is the loft and maybe the garage, Mr D would dispute this. My boxes in the loft need a second sorting when the loft ladder and boarding go in this month. I’ve read some interesting articles like this one about donating to charity shops; don’t like the thought of shoppers in developing countries paying for second hand things I gave away, often at high prices if you take earnings into account.  Instead, how about making a gift box of seasonal clothes with some life left in them and advertising them here?

    Books are life like the road to an uncharted place. I’m reserving an hour after lunch to read Au Revoir Là-Haut by Pierre Lemaitre, which requires my full concentration but I’m getting hooked; its English title is See You Up There and has garnered high praise in film too, you can read the review here

    One last one: a play list for Valentine’s next week. such a quick make, jotted down songs that remind me of each of my children and Mr D and the tech does the rest. It’ll be fun to listen to them all again over a special supper.

    Enjoy these early February days.

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