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    natural world, photography, travel • May 30th, 2019

    So we sidestepped the crowds and enjoyed a week of art and culture in Palma and beyond. The city itself has medieval palaces, hidden patios and art galleries: impressive, atmospheric, quiet places, we didn’t queue once. Finding a nice restaurant is easy too, we ate very well. I’d recommend this one and this one which is also a boutique hotel not that we stayed there, we’d found a cute Airbnb in the old town; walking the maze of narrow streets in the evenings is lovely. We’ve had so many driving holidays in the past but this time we explored the island by bus: great network, good timetables and only a few Euros per trip. We travelled as far as Pollensa in the north and Port de Soller on the west coast for a taste of beach life. Sometimes we got off at a village before our last stop to admire the orange and lemon groves more closely and have a look round. There’s always a nice place to sit and relax with a drink and some olives. The mountains in the west are quite chilly in May at least, so thick sweatshirts were needed. I understood why George Sand when she stayed here with a very poorly Frederick Chopin wrote about the wet and cold they endured. We left the monastery they stayed in when the clouds rolled in and headed back to sunny Palma. It was the right time to try an ensaimada pastry, so good.

    Needless to say we took quite a few photos. I decided to use my phone camera for a change; I’m learning to travel light.

    We’ll be back next year, maybe a bit later in the season, it’s so lovely to see the lushness of fruit, vegetables and vines. Did I mention Mallorcan wine? It’s fabulously characterful and rarely exported. Best of all we came back restored and renewed with recipes to try (various gazpachos) and an enthusiasm for tender plants and pale terracotta pots.


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