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    interiors, natural world, old things, photography • Feb 23rd, 2019

    I’ve been so happy with the response from The Quiet Writing Project which is now finished but will continue to be available in the browse menu. Please do message me on Instagram or in the comment box at the end of this post with any feedback you could give me.

    The new season is such a delight, my bees are flying and so many plants are making an appearance. I’ve been thinking about art and plants and am keen to grow and preserve flower heads this year. Seed packets have arrived but sowing will need to wait a while. I’m making a meadow mix of my own with cornflowers, scabious, wild carrot and ox eye daisies. A two by one metre patch in a sunny spot is warming under double layer fleece as night time temperatures are still low. There’s also the spring flowers: anemones, a frilly narcissus and a woodland sweet pea which would look lovely pressed and dried. So many patterns and designs use flowers and as in many things I love some and others not so much. Maybe it’s to do with scale or maybe it’s more colour. I’m making more of my own art these days, dried flower wreaths, collages and textile pieces and I have a graveyard of framed prints and lithographs which are no longer displayed. Sometimes I just move them to another wall in the house, mostly they are put to one side because they no longer spark joy. There are many more blank walls now and I think Marie Kondo is right, it’s more calming to have one or two images rather than ten or more. The art I make is finite and I love that it changes with the seasons. I’ll put together a make your own art guide later in the year when I have more examples for you. I’d love to do a little macramé and weaving too. Do leave me a comment about your own art making; I know there’s a lot out there.

    The lead photo is my arrangement of dried plants and I took the last one at The Hambledon shop in Winchester this week. 



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