• high summer

    interiors, natural secrets, natural world, photography • Jul 27th, 2019

    It’s raining but we’re full of summer vibes here; the academic year shaped my life for a long long time and sealed August as the most glorious month, a time to relax, be inspired and dip my toe into creativity. I’ve said goodbye to hard work and am embracing revolutionary acts: reading in bed after breakfast followed by a mindfulness practice, preparing simple meals from ingredients that are not bought in a supermarket, cooking on stones in the garden, increasing the number of vegan days to four per week, tapping into ancestral skills such as lino cutting and printing, swimming outdoors, ignoring reviews and enjoying places, art, and films independently. And progress with the short stories that are still on scraps of paper and in my head. These are the things that will take the holidays through to the end of the year.

    The break from the world of politics which I engage with too much for my own good, is helping. I’m moving forward with my application for a Swiss passport to replace the one I had aged 6 and will be European whatever happens at summer’s end in October. I can do a lot of things on a personal level, we all can. Many great signposts are actually on Instagram depending on the accounts of course: small producers, writers and thinkers, ecologists and artists from many places in the world are well represented and share good stuff. The lavender on the main photo, some organic olive oil from France, a ton of dairy free cake recipes and great eco friendly ideas are just a few things I’ve found this week. Best of all though is the thoughtfulness expressed in words and the photo, a proper antidote to the noise of the internet and sometimes real life. I like to contribute too, sharing my little or no cost ideas to make life lovely.

    So back to revolutionary acts and I’m going to rest in the little west facing bedroom with tea, and my sketchbook.

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