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    interiors, natural world, old things, photography, writing practice • Feb 1st, 2019

    So I’ve been a bit all over the place lately, standard really but I’m feeling motivated to get The Quiet Writing Project off to a good start on Monday with prompts that will hopefully motivate my followers on Instagram to try. I know we could go out and enjoy the natural world despite the cold or head off to a museum or gallery but it’s so lovely to be cosy indoors, logs blazing and a computer screen nearby.  My research into 18th century design, picking up on learning Russian from way back and taking photos have really kept me alive in January; I don’t want to hibernate, the days are too precious. We had a dusting of snow last night and it’s very cold for us who normally bask in the warm air of river valleys. I’m making a lot of soup with root vegetables, harvesting thyme and sage, the only herbs in leaf under the fleece outside, so this evening it was sage butter on pasta and thyme leaves sprinkled on cheese and rhubarb. I’ll slip into seed sowing later this month with different parsleys.

    There’s a repurposing vibe at home, continuing my mission to spend very little and enjoy the lovely things I have, like the writing table in the top photo, (you can only see the table top but I’ll show you the drawer and legs next time). It has a red leather top which is meh so I’ve covered it with brown parcel wrap using a little spray adhesive; not permanent but looks sweet for plants and candles. On to the new page for the QWP now.

    The photo was taken today in the conservatory. Most plants are in another room as it’s sooo cold. The leaves of mint will be the logo for The Quiet Writing Project, mint is both calming and invigorating.

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