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    natural world, reading matters, seasonal things to do • Jan 24th, 2020

    Aligning myself to the phases of the moon is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but I never really got beyond the moon’s effect on the water table in my garden: when it’s a full moon water is drawing to the surface so it’s good for sowing and planting out whereas lower water levels in the new moon phase favours the roots of the plant so you should move shrubs and plant bulbs and tubers. I’ve been reading old almanacs and the  wisdom of a few Japanese writers about self reflection, looking after yourself and setting intentions. Very subjective I know but I’ve listed a few things I’ll be doing in this hopeful new moon phase starting on the 24th. The new moon period lasts five or six days.

    It’s winter so there’s not much repotting or planting to do yet but I’ll be finishing up with preparing the bed for the cutting garden, marking out with sand where the seeds and seedlings will go. My list of plants may well shrink as I do this so I’ll cross out a couple and get the order off. The bed will be tucked up then for a couple of months with a treble thickness of fleece well anchored with river pebbles.

    It’s time to do a bit of deep cleaning, the larder cupboard and the cutlery and utensils drawer this weekend. I like to diffuse some oils in water as I do this: rosemary, thyme and sage for the kitchen. I’ve burnt sage sticks and palo santo before but it’s oils I have at the moment.

    I’m doing a bit of mapping out with paper and pencils looking ahead into February: garden, projects, self care like yoga at home, family, friends. My intentions need a bit of firming  up so they happen as I’d like them to.

    A hair cut after a long break from visits to the hairdresser, I’d like a new look, may get my fringe back.

    Whilst the moon is invisible I’ll recreate her with tea light candles in glass or ceramic jars. I like candle light in the dining room especially.

    My book pile is growing and some are lengthy reads that I could start on now. What I do now will reward me next month and later. The Pierre Le Maitre novel Au Revoir La Haut is a story about WW1, I wonder if has parallels with Sam Mendes’ film that’s out now. Then there are the set texts I need to look at before my week of tutoring at half term.

    I hope this scheduling works wonders, I’m following it loosely, inspired by gardeners who use the moon to set a natural rhythm that turns out well all round.






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