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    interiors, natural world, planning, writing practice • Jan 21st, 2019

    I’ve had some issues with my site hence the posting today and it got me thinking about little bits of wisdom from women gardeners of the past,

     …. perceiving what is well to leave alone     Gertrude Jekyll

    … every garden maker should be an artist along (her) own lines     Vita Sackville West

    Everything is changing, growing, aiming at something, but silently unboastfully taking its time     Ruth Stout

    So I left it, thought about the fix and new content and have come back to it this evening. Waiting is sometimes all you need to do; things work out on their own and better ideas come to mind with just a little patience. I finished off my cupboard doors project and am pleased with how they turned out. We have this wallpaper in the small hall room as I call it, a tidy haven for coats, hats and shoes, and had most of a roll left over. I chose sections with more flowers as I decided to just do the panels. The shutters live in the conservatory but were  promoted to this corner of the living room for the photo. We did very little to them, not even sanding or dry polishing with wire wool, just the hinges and the panels stuck with double sided tape. Very Colette and Tea and Wildflowers even.

    Working on The Quiet Writing Project over the weekend has been fun and I’ve got lovely feedback already about some of the ideas from an Instagram post last week. I’m glad I left it at the beginning of the month when I just wasn’t in the mood. Now the ideas tumble on to the page and I feel an alignment of good things when I pick up the draft from where I left off. I’m working on some photo prompts and have asked a couple of photographer friends if I can use their images alongside my offerings; it’s all about choice and I want the prompts to have a bit of reach. The course starts in the first full week around the time of the new moon and I’ll be chatting about it a lot as from next week to encourage would be participants.

    January really is the month of opening doors; I’m feeling excited about being myself and not so in awe of others. I don’t have a word for the year, as I couldn’t even remember last year’s, just feel brimming with ideas and good thoughts. It’s been important to rest and be kind to myself, accepting of many imperfections and feeling uplifted about joyful moments to come.

    The photographs were taken in natural light in the conservatory and the living room. The logo is one of three images I have as part of the design package of the website and I’ll be using them as pauses from time to time.

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