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    natural secrets, natural world, planning, recipes • Aug 22nd, 2019

    Listening to Jia Tolentino’s essay about the internet and her blogging histories prompted a look at my earlier blogs, so fun and a bit embarrassing too: let’s say the tone of my writing is gentler now and my photos have improved a little. All my old posts are now in draft, an unpublished diary of what I did between in 2013 through to 2016. These were years when a lot changed for me, I left teaching and reinvented the life I’m still settling into. I wasn’t using Instagram back then so blogging was my platform to document the days and say my stuff.

    I still like to share stories and how-tos, getting bolder with content now and worrying less about reader numbers because writing about making something good with no or little spend inspires me. My privilege is time which isn’t the case for everyone so I keep things simple with makes that sometimes take just a few minutes. There’ll be a new tab on the menu bar for recipes and tips something like an index to make it easier to make rather than buy. Much of the internet is given over to selling and I get that we like to buy things, I’m not immune, but a home made thing is just magical from start to finish, it feels so empowering to shun the old model of shop till you drop and gives high value to the asset we all have, ourselves.

    I’m not sure about the direction of my Instagram account at the moment, love the wider community but looking back at that old blog suggests something new is needed now. Funny how looking back invites looking forward.

    So the tab is up and here is the recipe for the apple liqueur I’ve mentioned, made with the fruit from my garden. It’s infusing now; the photo was taken when I first I put the ingredients together:

    2 kilos of dessert apples (about 20) sliced

    750 ml  of brandy

    750 ml of vodka

    put all of the above together making sure that the apple slices are submersed by using a weight like a ramekin, or saucer

    leave for 40 days before tasting, and if you want more sweetness add 250g of granulated sugar and stir to dissolve

    let the flavours develop for another week and taste again, I don’t think you’ll want to sweeten it further but you can

    you can bottle your ‘pomme’ at this point or whenever you want to serve this lovely winter tipple.

    I’m still working on the labels for this one and for the vin de noix I started in June, probably won’t print the lino cuts yet as my bees need me for a week or two. I’ll tell you about the apiary next time.

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