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    Interiors, My Everyday, photography, writing practice • Dec 7th, 2018

    Daily writing practice over on Instagram comes easily using the photo as my prompt and I’ve really got used to the length and shape of the caption. There’s often a bit of information sharing about bees and plants so no hesitation I just get it down. Writing for the blog though is different, it’s more taking an idea and holding it up to the light for a while. I start with a working title to keep the idea bright and consider the photos at the end but the bit in the middle is done with a lot of revisions. There’s a stronger personal essence, therapy and creativity rolled into one here as I slowly move away from the diary blogging I’ve been used to.

    I was thinking about a shared project for anyone who writes for the same reasons, who is a writer deep down and who would just like to practise. I’d do it too to start off the exchange of works in progress; my mind is racing now as I think of the possibilities.

    I’ve seen daily prompt schedules on Instagram for a photo and caption which are a lot of fun and not so prescriptive as you might think. My idea is similar but with more time in fact as much time as you want.  I was thinking four or five weekly prompts with extracts to read and suggestions about how to develop ideas into pieces of writing that count, pieces that would be good to look at again in the future. I’ve plenty of ideas about the reading and the tips and tricks we can use to pour out the words and I’ll be firming up how to present the course on line over the Christmas period. I was thinking of a start date in mid January. It would be lovely to get some feed back from you. Maybe you’d be up for joining in. Please do comment here or direct message me @tea_and_wildflowers on Instagram. All the material for the project would be available from a simple sign up and would be completely free in case you were wondering.

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