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    Garden, My Everyday, natural world, photography • Dec 28th, 2018

    This time after Christmas is a favourite of mine, I love to reflect and make plans especially as I celebrate my birthday on the 30th and of course the new year unfurls next week. So I’m sharing a few home truths in a positive way looking forward to what’s coming soon.

    🌿 I had a much nicer time this Christmas because I did less, a lot less. Mr D stepped up and cooked the roast dinner for Christmas Day and I made dessert. We didn’t miss gifts for the adults, just loved watching the baby in the family with his stocking. At 6 months old our Lib got the opening presents concept pretty quickly. The natural decorations in the house were lovely to make and look very Tea and Wildflowers; they’ll be staying right through to February.

    🌿I love Instagram still: comments from the community, taking photos, writing the caption and even choosing the hashtags. I feel I get my ‘why’ better now after well over 700 posts on the platform; and I get what I should try next to tell my stories better. Bolder me in 2019.

    🌿 Talking of Instagram I’ve been reviewing my photos of the season: the angle of the shots is often the main reason I consign a photo to the trash folder; I like using darkness with just a little light and am thinking of marketing some of the photos that turned out well.

    🌿 Plans for 2019 are still in the ether and won’t be any clearer for a while. You may have read my post on the Quiet Writing Project; content is waiting to shape up and I’ve a few more thoughts about new pages for this blog, some woodworking projects and other makings too.

    🌿Journalling and bullet lists help me out on this journey so a new blank journal is ready with a calendar for the year for a bookmark. Freedom to jot, scribble, doodle and write whatever.

    🌿Feeling grateful to the Instagram community who share wisdom often for free so am listing a few brilliant accounts here just in case you’ve missed them.

    My favourite florist @firenzaflowers designs with plants;

    The instagrammer who has answers, is honest and kind @herinternest

    Podcasts from @meandorla have given me inspiration by the bucketload

    January Book @hanbullivant is a free resource to get you reviewing and planning

    As always all photos are mine, the sloes in the last photo made a wonderful country wine; I’ll be making a lot more next year and maybe a walnut wine too.

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