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    My Everyday • Jun 1st, 2020

    Maybe we are starting a whole new chapter in the 2020 diary, my French speaking friends are wishing me un bon déconfinement and places in town are reopening their doors; but  I’m worried it’s too soon and full lockdown will be needed again; we’re feeling a lack of confidence in what’s being said so there may not be much of a change in our everyday till July.
    The little green clock is set to the time in Arizona so I can visualise my son’s day, very early in the morning in Tucson as I write here in the late afternoon. It sits in the corner by the record player that we brought down from the loft to listen to a different vinyl each evening; tonight Robert Cray and the Gipsy Kings. The cactus is in another room enjoying a spell in full sun.
    The summer house is having a makeover, we want it to look much the same but the wood needs protection and this dry spell is a good time to do it. Wood prep is done and the first coat of preservative will go on tomorrow. Inside I’ve had a sort out and have the things I need for summer projects laid out: a macramé bag, eventually for fruit and vegetables hangs from the ceiling, inviting me to do a round of knots, and labels for squeezy bottles of honey are being thought about. The garden is a more demanding confidante, and she needs watering in parts every day, as well as weeding and staking here and there; there’s usually a big push in June ready for flowering. I’m so looking forward to photographing the flowers and giving away a few modest bouquets come summer time.

    Last week I took a break from emails, Instagram and news platforms, didn’t want to react for a while just be my solitary self so today it’s my catch up and I’ve been able to sort through things more quickly. I’m getting back into reading, and developing a plainer style in my photos. I’ve some books to recommend on http://www.goodreads.com for all ages and will list them on Instagram in the next couple of days. And I promised a walk through some early summer flowers for drying and collecting seed. The white foxglove needs to come with his friends every year.

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