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    Beekeeping, Interiors, My Everyday, Old Things • Sep 9th, 2018

    Candlelight has some magic about it; as you hold the match to the wick you know that something good’s about to happen. I like to use candles at both ends of the day not just for special suppers. Candle lit mornings are so lovely and definitely worth making time for. Maybe it’s the sweet scent of the beeswax and the soft but significant light that invites a mindful start to the day.  At this time of year I light a candle before a simple set of yoga stretches each morning and take it downstairs to the breakfast table. It sets a mood of reflection and purpose, before the sun climbs high enough to make shadows. As the days shorten I’ll be using all my stock from the large glass jar; too pretty to put away in a box.

    I started making candles from the beeswax skimmed from frames of honeycomb last year: pine cone candles, chubby tapers, castle mould candles and apothecary candles in a jar, I’ve poured them all. This year I’m making tall tapers for gifting in December. I love the botanical look of the pine cone candles and will be making some of these too but new things come to mind as the wheel of the year turns so I’m trying out the classic taper shape you can use with a holder. This one is 12 inches tall and burns with a pretty drip effect. The enamel holder was a find in a second hand shop, a bit oversized but I couldn’t miss out so it came home to meet the other props in my box. The size turned out well actually as there’s room for a few nature finds.  I do love chamber candle stick holders sometimes called Wee Willie Winkies after the children’s bed time poem. So sweet.



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