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    Garden, Interiors, My Everyday • Oct 7th, 2018

    Welcoming a new month with a can do list helps me practise joyfulness so I can cope better when a funk or fluster comes by. It’s seasonal living that inspires me so I look out for things in the natural world associated with a particular month. October is an easy one, the first to turn away from summer.

    Here is my little list:

    • – dry leaves in the pages of old books to save for projects later in the year
    • – take photos of trees as their leaves turn and before they drop
    • – make a spicy soup with a squash or pumpkin
    • – pick up something that didn’t come forward for long enough earlier in the year, like my handwriting practice from way back in April/May time; just love looking at other people’s handwriting too
    • – extend the project in some way, compiling favourite phrases: things I’ve read or heard, amusing or more serious
    • – collect nature finds and dry them; my go-to photo props in the winter
    • – make an apple cake from a new or old recipe; it’s either an apple crumble cake or a Dutch apple tart for me
    • – make time for a new self care ritual like using bath salts made with Epsom salts,  grapefruit zest and a warming essential oil
    • – make some syrupy chai on the stove with almond milk, honey and spices.
    • – walk walk walk

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