• my life in tea

    Interiors, Old Things • Sep 9th, 2018

    Tea is my number one natural secret, warming and refreshing, calming and energising it will do what you need it to. I read a little feature in a print magazine about the rhythm of an ordinary day measured in cups of tea and thought it would make a good opening post for the Tea and Wildflowers website.
    My day in cups of tea would start with a mug of Assam with lots of milk, like a chai but without the sugar and spice. The first mug is always the best and I try to make the second brew the same but it’s never quite as good. Still I feel purposeful, organised even so I shower and get dressed before making a start on the morning’s tasks. My (computer) desk has room for a plant and a cup so I make decaf tea and settle down to emails, research or my writing. Mid morning I switch my allegiance and make a pot of Colombian coffee which I drink with just a splash of milk. I like to feel I’m out at work with a coffee shop next to my office block or maybe it’s a nod to the French ways of my early years when we stirred freshly ground coffee into a pan of steaming milk every morning. I’m good for a bit so I usually go off to the hives or on a foraging trip or give a couple of hours to my latest creative project, at the moment it’s experimenting with botanical dyes. I switch to herbal infusions still called tea in my house, for lunch and through the afternoon. My favourites are lemon balm, mint and verveine with a wheel of citrus and a teaspoon of fresh honey. This is the time when I’m taking photos, catching up on Instagram or on my way out for a swim or walk.  After supper I usually go back to builders tea which gets milkier as the evening turns into bed time.

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