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    how-tos • May 3rd, 2020

    My new trick is making a video or two; book club meetings have been cancelled of course and I miss speaking French so I thought I’d make a video review of La Princesse de Clèves, then I made one for my cousin in Canada who doesn’t get out at all these days and this how-to for the lantern I posted on Instagram is the latest. Strangely I don’t feel so camera shy on video and I’m comfortable speaking in my mother tongue. The lantern video (in English) is linked below but you need to download google drive to be able to play it. I’ve also put it on Linktree on my Instagram bio. I used an app called VidLab to stitch the clips together, not much more editing was needed. I’ll mull over some new content over the next week to practise and share with you dear readers.

    The photos this time, clematis Marjorie in full flower, looking  so painterly from the kitchen window, the selfie below is the first frame of the video and the last photo is the lantern made with a pickle jar. If it wasn’t for my worries about family and other people who’ve been badly affected by the pandemic, I would say this time at home is really quite fun.



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