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    how-tos, seasonal things to do • Jan 1st, 2020

    Not one for resolutions or intentions at the start of a new calendar year, I’m just taking things slowly, seeing what gives and enjoying good days. I’ve a few ideas about making January the door that opens slowly to new things that get you thinking about the whole year ahead; the examples are really explanations of what’s in my fuzzy head and I’ll probably do them all.

    ⚪️ restore, renovate or deep clean something: easy and satisfying,  I’ll be hand washing a delicate jumper or two and sanding back the ash dining table for a new finish. I do a lot of sanding  throughout the year it seems.

    ⚪️ add more water to your life: no explanation needed.

    ⚪️ chase the moon and the sun: get outside whenever it’s just a little brighter and try to live more closely to the phases of the moon; the full moon is coming up on the 10th January and is a good time to have your hair cut so it grows thick and fast and to clean out your physical and emotional spaces; a new moon on the 24 is a good time to plan things and look after your leafy plants.

    ⚪️ try a new food, tea or coffee: I’m drinking a Guatemalan coffee from the Monmouth Coffee Company, fruity and sweet, medium rather than the dark roast we normally have. We’re also searching out cavolo nero where ever we go, much nicer than regular kale.

    ⚪️ definitely do something topsy turvy on Twelfth Night: Mr D and I are swapping our Monday exercise routines, he’s going to swim and I’m going to try the gym, hmm he won’t want to swim but he might try the spa and I won’t last the full hour on exercise equipment but let’s see. Second idea is creating a fireside setting in the garden with props from the house for our morning coffee so bringing the inside out. The outdoor chairs are drying out now by the boiler in the garage.

    ⚪️ pick up from where you left off: my Duolingo Russian course from last winter and the crochet sardines I found so fiddly and plenty more unfinisheds; happy to say I found a knitting pattern for fish that’s very straightforward so the youngest in the family will be able to cook a fish supper for his pet cat very soon.

    ⚪️ create a connection with the animal kingdom, in real life if you can: I’d really like to walk dogs here but a collage of images or a wander at twilight listening to the birds or even a few moments musing on what your daemon could be are all options.

    ⚪️ steer yourself away from one food group to see if you feel more energised and in higher spirits when you don’t have it: gluten, sugar, dare I say wine.

    ⚪️ scrape moss from a damp wall and arrange in a wooden trough or bowl, it’ll need regular misting with water; you can add a few drops of an essential oil like oak moss or clary sage for forest scents.

    ⚪️ revisit journalling, doing it differently this year maybe: I’m doing literary quotations in my notebook on the title photo.

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