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    handmade β€’ Nov 24th, 2019

    I’ve put together a list of easy Christmas gifts along the lines of my thoughts over on Instagram; they’re all about handmade, wellness and green living. I make a lot of my gifts with planty things from my garden and the bees always share their honey and wax. At the moment there are a few projects with cloth and yarn for me to finish: reupholstering a little chair that was Mr D’s when he was little and crocheting some sardines from this kit.

    The list has things you can just buy and wrap too and in the spirit of self care you might find something to gift yourself.

    🎁 silk ribbon is lovely as a tie for door handles, your hair, table settings and of course gift wrapping. You can buy ivory silk and dye it in a bowl of water steeped with tea, chopped avocado stones and skins or walnut shells. Have a look here for more ribbony inspiration

    🎁 vintage French tea towels or torchons look so good in the kitchen, ebay is a good place to look

    🎁 cut flowers can be a bit meh in winter so how about a fern which filters the air and brings life to any space, you can buy one here if you can’t find one locally

    🎁 if you like a fire indoors or out you could make some easy firelighters with dried lavender stems, and pine cones drizzled with beeswax and get some logs made from used coffee grounds, they are available in supermarkets and DIY stores

    🎁 you can put together a little herb garden for the kitchen window sill, coriander, flat leaf parsley and mint or dill from the supermarket in an old loaf tin from your cupboard

    🎁 candles are too important at this time of year not to be included; if you’re not pouring your own, buy one from a small producer maybe. I don’t buy candles as I have my beeswax ones …

    🎁 I love these these fingerless gloves and hand warmers made from recycled cashmere

    🎁 dry a selection of aromatic spices and fruit to use as a simmer pot to cleanse the kitchen after cooking: orange and lemon peel, cardamom seeds, a cinnamon quill, caraway or fennel seeds work well; just add a couple of table spoons to a small saucepan of water on the stove as you wash up

    🎁 and the last one, maybe a gift to myself is a moon calendar and notebook, I definitely want to align myself more closely to the moon and the stars in 2020; this one is so lovely

    🎁 I’ll add the pattern to knit a tea cosy to the recipes tab tomorrow, super easy and looks so….well cosy.

    There’ll be more photos on Instagram over the next fortnight.


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