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    Garden, reading matters • Jun 14th, 2020

    So Sunday a quiet day among quiet days, I did a few rows of knots on my string bag, tied up bunches of poppy seed heads and rearranged the space for a social distancing cuppa with my neighbour tomorrow.
    As you see I’ve been drying flowers and seed heads using the simplest method, just hanging them upside down for a week or so. The cornflowers have dried well and I tried a few ox eye daisies that shrink as they dry but still keep a little dot of white. Seed heads from nigella, poppies and anemones change very little, similarly wheat, oats and barley so they all make good fillers. The flowers in my cutting patch are growing well but won’t flower for a few weeks, hopefully I’ll be able to dry stems of rudbeckia, and ammi and I’ll try the smaller sunflowers and chrysanthemums. August goals.
    The summer house is a great reading nook, light and airy with views across the garden; I’ve been researching books by black female authors as part of my personal development and feel heartened too with last year’s titles put together by the organisers of my book club in Cheltenham. The French speaking world may have more inclusivity in matters of race it seems. I found Le coeur à rire et à pleurer by Maryse Condé, the author’s autobiography about her childhood in Guadeloupe, a French overseas département in the Caribbean. I’ll review it on goodreads when I finish. I’m loving the creole culture and language so far.
    Looking forward to a new week, bees, cheese and some new bread and oil recipes to test and photograph.

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