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    Garden, Interiors, natural world, planning • Jan 11th, 2019

    Time to gather ideas and give some things I’ve always pushed away a chance, like fake flowers which it turns out, are a lot fun to make from paper, yarn and twigs. I was thinking about the two riddles I use as props, inspired by the log store in the photo, they’d maybe look good with kindling wood. DIY wood (two by four) could make dividers so you can use one section at a time. I’m a bit in love with fire wood; looking forward to making a new lay for a camp fire in the garden this weekend.

    Spending more time than usual inside at this time of year has me thinking about refreshing and decorating. I’ve bought some old pine cupboard doors from a salvage yard to make into a folding screen, stripped wood on one side and wall paper on the other. Papering doors may seem a bit like carpet on the walls but I have this picture in my head of some left over botanical paper that would really lift the living room in winter when the garden’s a bit bare. The doors need hinges and little castors maybe. I’m so looking forward to this easy project. Photos will be posted of course.

    I’ve one big iron in the fire from last month’s can do list, it’s the writing project for toe dippers who’d like some practice; the new moon isn’t till February now so I’m giving myself space. Next month is still very early in the year and not everyone will have fully embraced the outdoors so a start then seems a better idea.

    The log store was snapped on my phone at Burford Garden Centre and the last photo is the Thames near Oxford last month.

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