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    Garden, natural world, photography, travel • Sep 15th, 2019

    I’ve been planting bulbs and changing a few things in the garden these last days; such a good way to relax, practise gratitude and feel the hopefulness we need before winter. I’ve learnt a lot this season about my expectations and pressure I put on myself to do this and that and achieve pinnacles; I’m going through a bit of a transition, definitely letting go of some ideas I had just two or three years ago, I feel more decisive and confident.  Self care is in sharper focus and so is doing stuff without reference to old metrics of success like the number of jars of honey I get or the word count on my short stories. I’ve put the creative writing aside for now but I do have extensive notes which maybe my daughter of letters might use one day. That’s made me smile.

    I’ve been reading the interview given by Margaret Attwood published in The Gentlewoman this month, aspiring also to be a reasonable grandmother and an éminence grise maybe. Her book is next up after my book club read on the last days of Marie Antoinette.

    I’m going to the French Circle in Cheltenham this evening for the first time; needed to practise what I’ll say about my deafness to new friends, high time I owned it and just asked people to speak louder and for subtitles for films. Doing it in French is fine, easier in a way. I had neurosurgery nearly 20 years ago and have always tried to compensate for my hearing loss with lip reading and social cues. I feel braver, not so embarrassed to explain why social events are tiring and in some settings impossible for me and why I talk so loudly and prefer the company of those who do too.

    Hopefully I’ll manage another post before  our big road trip to California and Arizona in October, excited for the landscapes we’ll see and drink in. It’s a long way from Northern California to the last stop before the border but we’re taking our time and sharing the driving. There’s a whole week in Tucson with Patrick at the end to make me a very happy mama. We were there last year and I’m grateful to be going again.

    As promised the recipes for the forest salve and the almond cleanser are on the roll, just click on the recipes tab above. And here’s the link to my goodreads account if you’re interested in book recommendations or a heads up on a couple of rotten tomatoes.

    The photos were taken this month near where I live; the wall plaque is from Whichford pottery  which has some lovely things for the garden and some unusual allium bulbs. Sometimes taking a photo is wiser than making a purchase, I did buy the bulbs though, it seems that plants are exempt from the no spend rule.


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