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    Beekeeping, interiors, natural world • Mar 10th, 2019

    This weekend I’m writing about a few lovely things that are bridging winter into spring for me at the moment.

    ~ coffee: I’ve been tasting new coffee on my visits to London and Oxford recently and thought I’d share two favourites. The Monmouth Coffee Company has one from El Salvador from the Finca Malacara, a medium to dark roast with wonderful flavour and finish. You can taste before you buy and ask for your beans to be ground to suit the way you brew. In Oxford you can try Los Olivos from Columbia at the Jericho Coffee Traders which is very fruity and smooth. I’ve put in the links for more information.

    ~ buds and blossom: Not apple blossom time yet but there’s quite a bit of wild plum blossom, some cherry blossom and my amelanchier is just about to burst. The main photo has a jar of willow catkins which are very pretty in green. I’ve already started the stream of blossom photos on Instagram and will probably keep going till May.

    ~ new projects: I’ve made a start on displays of plants and flowers in the home to replace some of the art work I’ve collected and I’ll be sharing wreaths, swags, pressed leaves, and arrangements over the next weeks. I like to have a changing tableau with just one or two prints I never seem to tire of. A friend has a mature olive tree which he’s just pruned so there’ll be a couple of olive wreaths appearing soon.

    ~ beehive paper for my screen:  I can’t resist this soft, dreamy design to use on my screen or repurposed cupboard doors; it’ll mean taking off the first paper I used but worth the effort to celebrate being a keeper of honeybees. The sample is on the clipboard in the photo.

    ~ living with two languages: My photos often include something French which is quite deliberate; my connection to France and French culture comes from my mother’s family who were once shoe makers not too far from Versailles. By the middle of the 19th century one of the sons learnt about photography and travelled around the south of France taking portraits before setting up shop in a small town on the shores of the Lac Léman. I was born in Lausanne too.  I’m feeling the pull of my French heritage very keenly these days and live in France in an existential way, so tomorrow I’m cooking endives au jambon whilst I listen to France Inter, going for a lunch time swim and looking up tisanes from spring leaves. So very joyful.


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