• thanking the bees

    Beekeeping, Garden, honey • Sep 28th, 2018

    A little  about our harvest celebrations drawing on a few traditions. This year I’ve made an arrangement of corn, barley and thistly cardoons in the style of a prairie or grassland. I always talk to my bees at each visit to the apiary and chat about what’s happening when the roof and crown board come off.  If I’m clumsy I apologise and try to explain. I tell them about my plans for them and thank them for the work they’ve put in over the summer. There’s also a family catch up and I ask them to help us find answers so we can realise our dreams; I believe in their divinity.

    As the beekeeping season comes to an end we have a simple thanksgiving supper for the bees and for us the beekeepers. It’s not the same every year but it’s aways seasonal with honey and beeswax on the table. This year we feasted on corn chowder, a ratatouille with onion bread  and a very appley crumble a bit later in the evening. There’s a toast too; we raise glasses of mellow brandy with a little honey syrup to mark how beholden we are to these little insects and their work. We pledge to help them through the winter and do our best to support them in the new season.

    The first photo was taken this Saturday afternoon, harvest gifts in front of an old WBC hive also gifted from my local beekeepers’ association.

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