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    Beekeeping, interiors, natural secrets, old things • Aug 6th, 2019

    Choosing the environmentally friendly option isn’t difficult if you love homemade in preference to shop bought. It’s an ideology that’s come a long way from cooking from scratch and making your own clothes though and I’m so grateful for all the content I’ve seen and read on line and experienced on my world travels. Trying things out is moving forwards, turning possibilities into something real. I’ve been making some candles as gifts for my son to return to the US with; You can’t smell the aroma or touch the beeswax unless you get some and pour your own candles; I’m going to use an old honey tin, a souvenir from Crete that’ll burn for a long time purifying and restoring the air and can sit on a counter top without a holder.

    I’ve been using left over lavender flowers to make a spray for surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. It look just a few minutes and so many people on Instagram have asked for the recipe so here it is:

    Lavender Cleaning Spray

    Two parts white vinegar

    One part lavender flowers, fresh or dried

    Mix together, you’ll see the vinegar start to turn pink almost immediately. Allow to steep for a day or so, strain and keep the liquid in a bottle with a cap. To strain the mixture, I use muslin to line a sieve and then gather the corners of the cloth to squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Any piece of cloth will do though.

    You can make a fun label for the mother liquid but to be honest the aromas are unmistakable.

    Dilute the vinegar and lavender mixture, using one part to three or four of water. You can use an old spray bottle for misting or a simple bowl to dip the edge of your cloth into.

    The concentrate should last without going mouldy. No need to add rubbing alcohol.

    I’m excited for the start of the harvest season, so much bounty out there to make life lovely: new country wines, more herbs and flowers for infusions; I’m going for a proper apothecary in its oldest sense, stores for every eventuality. Annnd I want to make a cold frame with an old window which I need to source. If it needs restoration work it’s better done now. The friends in the last photo will thank me.

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