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    Beekeeping, Garden, Interiors, natural world • Nov 30th, 2018

    Turning into December is exciting, Christmas is coming very soon. I’m sensing a shift in thinking about how we celebrate this year and have dropped some of the things we used to do. I love mid winter and feel so grateful to have our family gathered sharing lively conversation and a special dinner. This year we have a very special baby guest who will be six months old on the 25th. His stocking is up, as yet unfilled but Santa will be stopping by I’m sure.

    I’m making a wreath or two this weekend a mossy one with tree ivy, conifer branches and maybe some beech and one which can dry out as it hangs on my daughter’s front door. Candle pouring needs to happen too, I only have a few left and I like lots of them to decorate the house. They look good with foraged greenery. The branch I posted on Instagram needs finishing and I think I’m going with brown and golden tones rather than green; the sitting room can be quite dark so the ivy looks nearly black; it’ll be used for something else.

    We’d like to make a biscome for the 6th for La Saint Nicolas just for fun. I’ll be using an English recipe for damp gingerbread, then decorate it with pearl sugar using a stencil Mr D is making  – he doesn’t know it yet.

    I’m happy letting go of expectations: cards, shopping trips, a tree indoors, parties and meals out in favour of doing creative stuff and giving value to time spent with my peeps. And we’ll be going outdoors a lot.

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